20 Don’t-Miss Pictures of Baby’s 1st Year

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You’ve got to document the daylights out of babyhood because all the grandmas at your baby shower were right: it flies by so fast.

Some baby moments will be an obvious photo-op, and others will happen over and over for weeks then just stop one day. And you’ll realize only then that you never got a picture, and your heart will break a little.

I trust that you’ll remember to take pictures on the day your baby is born and on their first birthday. Here are 20 other not so obvious photos you’ll want to check off in those first 12 months, before the chance is gone forever.


How many pictures in this baby photo bucket list have you checked off so far?


1. Baby sleeping on your chest. This one of those moments you won’t know means the world to you till it stops happening.

2. Baby being held by your least-likely-to-ever-have-a-baby friend. But don’t let them use the picture on Tinder.

3. Baby running loose with a roll of toilet paper. Just once, let her have a whole roll of toilet paper to go wild with. It will be worth the 50 cents in wasted tissue, I promise.

4. Baby with spaghetti noodles and sauce all over his face in a high chair. It’s the Classic Spaghetti Shot.

5. Baby with a diaper on his head. I don’t know why this is so funny to both parents and babies but it is.

6. Baby in a bathtub. Because bubbly bathtub pictures are adorable now but will become creepy soon.

7. Gift-opening baby with a bow stuck to her head.

9. Baby sitting like an adult all “loungey-loungey” in an easy chair.

10. Summertime naked-bottom baby. Sure to be a big hit at his wedding someday.

11. Baby’s first tooth smile. It’s such a brief phase. I already am beginning to forget what that single-tooth smile looked like.

12. Baby posing with a your favorite hobby as a prop. For example, holding a guitar or football….or weaving loom. Whatever. Just in case your baby grows up to make all your dreams come true and actually takes up that profession (don’t hold your breath.)

13. Baby wearing an animal costume/hat with animal ears. If you don’t have any, you’re totally missing out so please take this list as an excuse to buy one or several.

14. Closeup of those big baby eyes. You’ll want to stare at this picture for hours, even now.

15. Baby with her favorite stuffed animal, now, before the wear and tear and love wears it unrecognizable. It’s a baby photo of them both, in a way.

16. Baby with the family pet. This will be a tear-jerker 15 years from now.

17. Baby with crazy anti-gravity baby bedhead. That hair gets all boring and adult-ish almost overnight.

18. Baby being thrown up in the air.  It’s everything that’s great about being a baby: the pure joy of being small and loved and trusting.

19. Moody baby in a nature setting that accentuates the baby’s smallness. This is another one he’ll love when he grows up. I’m just looking out for your baby’s future Instagram account here.

20. Baby’s poo face. Horrible, I know! But this one is just for you, and you’ll always be embarrassed yet secretly glad you took it. Never speak of the fact that it’s poo face to anyone. And definitely never explain what poo face is to a non-parent.  Just put the photo in the photo album without explanation.

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  1. Joe says:

    This may be too specific. The look of pure innocence and confusion to your reaction when they get caught taking out all the pots & pans and hide in the cupboard. They don’t know it’s wrong so they’re not guilty.

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