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  1. Linh says:

    hummus+pita chips=addiction. Glad to see the videos rolling, and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say I’m glad you figured out which side of the road is the right side =)

    And for those of you who did remember to vote, if your mind is made up, don’t forget you can vote early in a lot of places… so go look it up and stop putting it off.

  2. Steven says:

    My RA here at school told my libertarian friend that even if you don’t want to vote for anybody on the ticket. At least go, sign in, pull the level, push it back and leave.

    That way at least it’ll register that you came and voted, you just voted for “Nobody.”

    A “vote of no confidence” if you will.

  3. Brigitte is BACK !!! YAY !

    With TWO Videos !

    YAY Again !

    Ahhhh . . . My Cuteness cup runneth over . . . I take great comfort in the thought that if there is ever a ‘cuteness crunch’ – Brigitte has enough to ‘bail out’ all of us.

    Oh yeah . . . “VOTE OR SHUT THE ‘eff’ UP !”

  4. Champ5 says:

    hummus? I suppose if you deep fat fry it and slather it with cheese, it might be pretty good.

  5. jackle61 says:

    Even if you have to interupt a furious makeout session,, vote early and often.

  6. murat says:

    Thank god you are posting your videos here too, abc’s video player is such a junk!
    Welcome again….
    By the way, make a video about Ernie Chambers, after all you are an old Nebraskaian (even i dont know whats that mean), this may be fun…

  7. ilikewarmcolors (Marisa) says:

    I second that ABC’s video player is such a junk, especially for those of us on horrible connections. Keep posting them here and you’ll get double hits, naturally.
    Loved the tree bark falling on you…. yes, it’s windy here.

  8. mark says:

    Heheh Santa Anas! Welcome to CA. Usually it lasts longer than it did…
    Hope everythings going good for you and Smile!!!

  9. Ed who had to register as CoastalEddie on the ABC site says:

    I have to agree with murat and Marisa regarding ABC’s video player. It doesn’t work at all with Firefox and works half the time with IE.

    Never put up your Halloween decorations in the beginning of the month, because they will be blown away by the Santa Ana winds in the middle of the month. It happens every year.

  10. brad says:

    i like bands that nobody’s ever heard of too. like winterpills. deerhoof. within temptation. people in planes. matthew perryman jones. fleet foxes. but then since i’m an old person i like old stuff too like the beatles, moody blues, stones, jackson browne, etc. etc. trouble is i never have time to listen to it all.

  11. Jim Murphy says:

    I’ll be glad to give everybody a FANTASTIC reason to go vote: It maintains your right to complain about government, especially if your guy didn’t win. If you don’t vote, you have no right nor any business to complain!

    Okay, Brigitte, you found hummas. Very good. Now… try some taboule… you’ll love that stuff.

  12. C.R. Adcock says:

    Wonderful. You hit your stride with this one.

    That’s all I can say. Just great stuff.


  13. Aaro says:

    lulz of understanding at the winds. Did you have someone throw that bark at you, though, or just stand out there, stoically filming for hours until the perfect piece of bark happened to blow off the tree at you on its own? 😛

    murat –
    Nebraskanian, Nebraskanite, Nebraskies, the list goes on… Just “Nebraskan” is good enough. 😉

    Jim –
    QFT on the taboule. Easy to make, and healthy too! Even cooking-challenged folks like me can make couscous, cut up vegetables and open cans.

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