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  1. Bezukhof says:

    From what I have heard, human beings don’t really communicate by “pheremones” and the whole thing is basically a sham to get high school kids to buy cheesy body spray. What is true and interesting, is that women at least, can tell by smell how different a man’s immune system is from her’s. The bigger the difference, the greater the attraction, which makes sense evolutionarily. Also supposedly couples, with more disperate immunology report being happier and stay together longer and are more uh satisfied sexually.

    Another weird fact, supposedly taking the pill reverses this, because it makes your body think you are pregnant. So women become “attracted” to the smell of close relatives and become chemically uninterested in people they would otherwise like the smell of.

    There was an article in Discover magazine a few months ago all about how smell is or at least might be pretty central to all of our social interactions. It was kindof speculative because there hasn’t been all that much research to back it up yet. But one of the ideas was that people who had lost their sense of smell are at a significant social disadvantage because we identify so much about each other by subconscious smells. But I’m still pretty sure that wearing some generic “pheremone” would be about as attractive as wearing a T-shirt that said “I’m Attractive”.

  2. Jim Murphy says:

    Bezukhof – –

    I once saw an enlisted woman wearing a T-shirt printed with the message “Sexy Witch”… well no, it didn’t say “witch”… it said something that SOUNDS like it.

    By the way… it was false advertising. This gal made Medusa the Gorgon look kind of cute.

  3. Jim Murphy says:

    …by the way, Brigitte, your new digs look better than your shack in Lincoln. The fireplace was an interesting background.

  4. Jim Murphy says:

    71 days since the Great Ankle Injury.

  5. Matt A says:

    Yea I agree with Bezukhof, I don’t think pheromones work that well. Otherwise you couldn’t have a slight crush on someone who video blogs 3000 miles away.. er.. for example :p.

    Haha anyway glad to see new videos up… they’re awesome as usual.

  6. yusufyusuf85 says:

    Have a nice day, Brigitte…


  7. C.R. Adcock says:

    Suggestion: (for Brigitte)

    Place an OBVIOUS link here (on this page and the links page) to your ABCFamily site. “Tada” in a post was good at the time, but people new to your blogs might need a little help.

    I mean, it is good that they visit here, too, as they might buy some of those BrigitteDale.com mugs, BD Santa Ana Windbreakers, and “I LUV Maddie” T-shirts. (run Maddie mugging the camera in slo-mo. It is priceless. She can make her own commercials. Great reusable clip. She could be big competition for you Brigitte, and might deserve a spin-off. Who wouldn’t want to hear Maddie’s coyote story, for example?)

    Good episode, BTW. Dogs are good, nonjudgemental company. Our female Aussie Terrier is Sheila, of course.

    … and anyone on a bar-room floor is not going to be that picky, I’d bet.


  8. Wind Energy says:

    “Santa Ana Windbreaker” – SoCal flatulence? I wonder Are these annoying hot winds named after a Saint, the Mexican general who prevailed at The Alamo, or someone else? Just asking.

    I’d buy Brigitte’s mug on a mug. Or Maddie’s. Or Tillie’s. A family portrait would be nice.

    I think “Don’t fall down in a club.” is the sort of sound, practical advice we’ve come to expect from BD- advice often not available elsewhere. When I lived in Aspen some time ago, you could be at a club and tell who was on ‘ludes. They’d be dancing, fall down, and keep right on dancing. They didn’t KNOW they had fallen down. Who’d have thought there was something that would favor mere drunks by comparison?

    Are there pheromones in Tobasco Sauce? There’d have to be. I always put a drop or two at my pulse points before going out, figuring that the best women will find this powerfully attractive. Maybe I’m just not using enough.

  9. Tom says:

    What can I say. I’m a cynic: http://tinyurl.com/695ry5

    I’m all for online stuff but no matter how hard people try online dating never seems to work out on a large scale. It’s like Spelunking, it SEEMS like a good idea…but really it’s very much not (Some might think I chose Spelunking because it sounds funny, which I did. But I also choose it because a bear almost ate me. So be advised)

    It’s a signal-to-noise ratio thing. Yes, plenty of nice people try to date online. But let’s be honest, pretty much every single freak in the world is online trying to get a date and that’s just too many freaks. It’s like trying to find Waldo if you didn’t know what he looks like.

    The bar/club/etc… might not seem like an oracle of great guys but the amount of effort It takes just to get out there and act socially is a actually a good filtering mechanism against the underbelly of humanity

  10. Jackle61 says:

    It’s the Saint thing, Saint Anne, obviously a female saint,, what with the hot air blowing so hard.

    Brigitte two days in a row. It almost feels like old times. (*wipes away tear*)

    How about a “I get my women off the floor” mug? It could be taken a couple of different ways.

  11. Pete99 says:

    Hi Brigitte,

    Another great video that brings a big smile on my face!! And why? Probably because you just keep on chatting in such a funny and uncomplicated way, that makes me (a Dutch fan) look forward to every new video, another chance to have a look in the life of just an average American girl. 🙂
    So please keep on doing what you, ’cause I’m loving it!!!
    (Hmmm, that should be a slogan for a…….. burgercompany???)

  12. Oscar Valdez says:

    Hello Brigitte,
    I was curios. I’ve enjoyed your blog for some time now. I don’t really remember how I heard about it but I did feel as if I had discovered something new and enjoyable. That right there is my point. I work in our small family/friend owned restaurant and have people coming in and telling me how great our burgers are and that they are happy that they discovered our restaurant. I get all flustered with the whole “I discovered something talk”. The restaurant has been there for five years. Your sight has been around longer than I have known about it. People were living in the new world before Christopher Columbus “discovered it”. I believe that people like to say they discover something inorder to own or have power over something. “I discovered it and it now exists thanks to me”. My question is: Am I putting to much thought into this, do you get people that are glad that they “discovered” your sight and does that frustrate you? Just curious. I’m appologize for thinking that I discovered your site and happy that I heard about it. Keep up the great work.

  13. C.R. Adcock says:

    @Bez You forgot to mention how that T-shirt is working out for you. 🙂

    @Jim M I once saw a guy dining in a restaurant with a woman while he was wearing a cap that said, “Life is a b*tch, and then I married one.” I would have walked out but they had good Mexican food. I recall it as being the message AND the cap that bothered me. I Compromise For Hot Sauce!

    @WE I laughed out loud at the windbreaker comment. I was going to call you an “old windbreaker”, but I don’t know you well enough to insult you. It reminds me of a scene in A Thousand Clowns in which Murray’s (Jason Robards, Jr.) nephew Nick (Barry Gordon) was listed on a form as O.W., for Out of Wedlock, by a social worker (that guy who did the voice of the car in the original Knight Rider) and Murray (Robards) later called the social worker (uh, see above) a “dirty O.W.” Ha!

    @Tom You said “online dating never seems to work out on a large scale.” Right! The average male shouldn’t attempt to date more than two females at a time. Three, if he understands trigonometry. (you’ll just have to use your imagination about where we could take this with solid geometry) [reference: Two and a Half Men. Otherwise your post is right-on solid, in my opinion.
    And I, for one, would like to hear your “bear story”. Anyone else? (I’d tell an elephant or lion or civet cat, etc. story for a pheremone)

    @Oscar Yes, you ARE putting too much thought into it, which means you’ve come to the right blog.

    We, too, discovered Brigitte and she has made us continue to feel that sense of discovery, and this is part of her success, to this point, at least.

    The “discovery” you talk about would be a good topic for Brigitte, so I’ll leave it at that.

    The discovery-existence thing…whoa! Careful, we could wake up some folks who would make this post seem short!

    And by the way, Jackie61, you look nice in this font. 🙂


  14. Jim Murphy says:

    C.R. – –

    The guy dining with the woman while wearing a cap that said THAT probably was NOT with his wife.

  15. Jim Murphy says:

    …or at least… won’t be for LONG if it WAS his wife!

  16. Ed who had to register as CoastalEddie on the ABC site says:

    Brigette, your dog is a real sweetheart.

    In regards to questions about the naming of the Santa Ana winds, this Wikipedia definition is the one I’m most familiar with: “According to the Los Angeles Almanac: “The original spelling of the name of the winds is unclear, not to mention the origin. The name Santana Winds is said to be traced to Spanish California, when the winds were called devil winds due to their heat. Santa Ana winds may get their name from the Santa Ana Mountains in Orange County, the Santa Ana River or Santa Ana Canyon, along which the winds are particularly strong. The original form may have been Santana winds, from the Spanish vientos de Satán (“winds of Satan”…).

    I guess that’s not very saint-like.

    And I’m also thinking that Discover is the proper term, because it refers to a personal discovery. So Oscar, be thankful for your customers personal discoveries and hopefully they in turn will show their friends the path to your restaurant.

  17. Y2 says:

    came across your site from a mention on mikipedia’s twitter stream. first vlog i’ve really enjoyed since ze frank. i guess its all in the delivery. something about presenting in a way where it seems talking to yourself is the most natural and entertaining thing anyone would ever want to do. i love it. you have inspired me to spend more time talking to myself. “why am i spending all this time on a blog comment when i should be getting back to work? i was supposed to be studiously cranking away on my task list when i started watching this video in the first place! but now i feel like i’ve met someone really cool. like i’ve found some good company in that uniquely online-human-meta-connection way. whats it like to have a bucnh of strangers feel like they know you from some videos you post online? is it weird? or just fun? a little bit of both probably. wow, this talking to yourself thing can get kind of addictive. i’m not just talking though, but rambling. brings whole new meaning to that ‘ramble on’ track. okay i’m going to stop now. for now at least. your videos are great!”

  18. Thad says:

    WE, the Santa Ana winds were originally called the Santana’s. The mexican word for the devil.. as in “Devil Winds” because they were so hot and caused so much trouble. A few years ago, the city of Santa Ana,Ca, started a fuss about returning the original name to use, because they felt their fair town got a bad rap with the winds having the same name.

  19. Tom says:

    @CR – For the record, there is no “Bear Story”. I was in the cave, I saw 2 shiny black things about 10ft away that looked like pearls or something, a growling noise started coming from under the shiny black things (Revealing them to be eyes), then a flash of light as our guide tased the bear and he ran off (which was what made me think of the story in relation to this topic).

    We left some bear treats to apologize for the aforementioned tazing and high tailed it out of there.

  20. C.R. Adcock says:

    @Thad – I have it on so-so authority that it is Carlos Santana doing “Black Magic Woman with Pumpkin” that has given the winds the name.

    @Tom – It was an encounter, then, that most people never have – and interesting. Thanks.
    BTW – what if the taser hadn’t done the job?


  21. Jackle61 says:


    Thanks for the compliment? By the way,, it’s Jackle, not Jackie. Appearently Jackal was taken,,, but I’ve never seen him around. That’s alright though, my eyes aren’t what they used to be either. Jackle61

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