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  1. me says:

    you’re funny

  2. Mike says:

    Hey Brigitte 🙂 this is the first video I’ve watched of yours and I think I’ll definitely go back and check out some more… this was a lot of fun to watch *thumbs up*

    *And* informational… which is always a plus. I guess this means I need to get out of my apartment more… hmm… that’s gonna be tricky 😛

    It’s funny though – cause I was very, very bad in social situations before I moved out to LA and got into the whole online-community… now, at parties, I’m mildly awkward (at least compared to before).

    It was nice meeting you the other night 🙂

  3. yusufyusuf85 says:

    Have a nice day Brigitte…:))


  4. yusufyusuf85 says:

    Have a nice day Brigitte…:))


  5. Aaron says:

    Is that a new Penrod in the background?

  6. LayGuy says:

    Brig – that was one of your more funny posts. Well done!

  7. Charley says:

    I totally do that facial-expression copying. But it’s not limited to movies and TV, unfortunately. I’ll be stopped in traffic (often, in L.A.) and the person in the car next to me glances over, sort of puzzled, and I realize I’ve been sitting there mimicking their expression. Not even consciously! Whether they’ve figured out what I’m doing or not, it must be disconcerting.

  8. And I thought You couldn’t get any cuter, Brigitte …

    Have You decided on your costume yet ?

    Can’t wait to see it.

    BTW – Two Videos a week is FANTASTIC ! Thanks !

  9. ilikewarmcolors (Marisa) says:

    MIKE MET YOU THE OTHER NIGHT! Oh my goodness, how we all wish we could be Mike right now.

    I LOVED the typing fingers demo, that was awesome, do it again!

  10. Jackle61 says:

    The aliens can only wish they had someone like you!

  11. Ronnoc says:

    brigitte – Followed your vblogs for a while now. They keep getting better and better – as in: funnier! and also informative. They end up being 4 minutes of my week that make me smile. One question though – seriosly – 356 and 355 look like you have the same shirt on but one has the flora motif and one is plain white! Maybe….the same shirt inside out? At any rate thanks for the streams and ‘peace, love, and good-happiness-stuff’.

    PS – yes – you can one day use that as a title for a vblog 🙂

  12. Wind Energy says:

    I didn’t know Dolce & Gabbana even made ice cream. If Juan were to put coffee ice cream in coffee, I’ll bet it would be good. I’ll let you know.

    They must call it “digital” media because we type/text with our fingers and toes. When the proctologist talks about a digital examination, he ain’t talking about no zeroes and ones.

    One of the reasons people prefer text/email to telephones or facemail is the ability to control the input. Texting is faux interactive – it takes place at a much slower pace than regular conversation. Or so I’ve just read in the new issue of The New Yorker. (I’ve finished only half of the article, as they get upset if you try to stay on the plane after it has landed just so you can finish your magazine article.) In texting, no one has the chance to interrupt with, “I’ve already heard that joke, and it wasn’t funny then either.”

    I saw The Hillz – would not have guessed that BD lives only one hill away from a drug zone populated by psychopaths. Wake up Maddie, there’s a weirdo at the window again. But this time she’s on the outside!

  13. Bezukhof says:

    So apparently you have chosen yet another topic that I know weirdly too much information about(and have an inability to resist sharing). This whole face mimickry thing is actually something that everyone does(except autistic people it seems). Though most people only mimick expressions for fractions of a second. It even has its own special brain structures called mirror neurons. Apparently what you are doing by mimicking the facial expressions of people you are looking at is forcing yourself to feel the way that person is feeling. Try it. It’s pretty hard to smile and feel sad. or to frown and feel happy. Mirror Neurons are like nature’s emotional fax machines.

    I was actually about to write an “article” for my new “job” about the potentially amusing effects of mirror neurons mixed with botox. Botox, it seems, forces people to smile(by paralyzing their frowning muscles) which, in turn, actually tells their brains that they are happy. Subsequently People who then look at these pseudo smily faces then reflexively mimick the fake smiles and then also feel happy, making one big toxin-induced paralytic happy family. Conclusion: Botox makes everybody happy, albeit in a very creepy, Clockwork Orange kind of way.

  14. Bezukhof says:

    uh..I meant mimic..those were all typos

  15. mark says:

    Uh oh.. we’re becoming robot brains. Machines are taking over!!! Quick smash your computers!!! Spread the word!!

  16. Damon says:

    Hey Bridg we miss you in Nebraska, good job!

    Go Huskers!

  17. Brian says:

    Man you facial expressions is the secret ingredient to you blogs. Love it.

  18. eric f. says:

    Your dog falling into the frame reminded me of my cat laying on my keyboard as I try to work. 🙂

  19. Dave says:

    I love your dog. I want to scruff her behind the ears. Any time you want to feature your dog in your videos, it’s OK by me. Not that I want your videos to become all about the dog, because I’m sure everyone here knows someone who is all about the dog and it’s not amusing. But as a sidekick/color commentator/background snoozer, yours is tops.

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