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  1. Marko says:

    I would also add, no face only pics and no pics where you’re hiding in a crowd. Its like they’re trying to fool me.

  2. James says:

    I’m not sure how I would feel about getting my photo taken while I’m eating though (eating is considered normal, right? I mean, I do it at least four times a day… not large meals, but… you know what I mean… I hope.) Who looks good, or even average, while he (or she) is eating?

    Then again, some dates do tend to include foodstuffs of some sort at some point… and I can’t imagine walking down the aisle with someone I’ve never actually eaten with (Can you imagine that honeymoon? “Love, I know we haven’t actually discussed this prior to our marriage, but… when I eat, I tend to look like a nauseous squirrel. Not a cartoony nauseous squirrel that turns green to signify the level of nausea, but…”) I suppose that would be vetted during (or before) the engagement, somewhere between how many children the couple hopes to have and whether the toilet paper should feed from the top or the bottom of the dispenser (or, in the rare but foreseeable case of a vertical holder, the left- or right-hand side)…

    Clearly it’s time for bed. Glad to see you’re back! (Overdue note of appreciation!)

  3. yusufyusuf85 says:

    No kiss pictures…! Nice message…:)

    Have a nice day Brigitte…


  4. Max Anonymous says:

    Name that guy pozard…or click’n’dragon…uh, or loungy. nevermind.

    Pictures of you ordering food or thinking about your favorite snack would be a pretty good honest shot. People can have very attractive mmmfaces.

    Have a lovely week. Yes, you are a super dancer, those stills tell it all. Lets see you play that guitar, unless you already have a post (I’m new to your work, and loving it.) Peace bees with you.

  5. Philip says:

    i think there should have to be one of you slumped at a computer deep in rss reading mode.

  6. James says:

    I nominate myself as the “non-slumped” one, as I’ve followed Brigitte’s video logs (not the vulgar “vlogs”) since pre-Penrod the strike pumpkin, tiny tree, and sorely miss the Monday through Friday postings.

    I’m not new to the posts, but new to the participation, and find the chilly reception from admitted new viewers to be a tad unnecessary. Of course, that’s just my view, and at the risk of hijacking the comments section, would like to get regulars’ views on the matter. WindEnergy? Jim Murphy? What say you two?

  7. Wind Energy says:

    Hold on there, James! There was a Chili Reception for admitted new viewers, and I missed it? That can’t be! I LOVE chili – red, green, with bean, without bean. Monroe’s in Albuquerque serves a bowl of New Mexico Red that is simply to die for. Or the green chili with fry bread at that truck stop on the Navajo Res near Chimney Rock? Dear God, that’s good eating! I’ve won a couple of cookoffs with mine, which I call Morning Thunder. I use only ingredients the camp cook would have on hand during a cattle drive on the old Goodnight-Loving trail. No damned saffron, I can tell you that! I take a large field onion and quarter it, then I…

    Wait, where am I? Oh, Brigitte’s blog. What were we talking about, anyway? I got carried away there for a minute. Sorry, James. Sorry, Brigitte. I’m back now.

  8. max defender anonymous says:

    Sorry if my attempt at being nice was offensive. No need for a return comment or discussion. I don’t have the dictional fortitude to banter with referees of the unecessary. (on the other hand, I enjoy reading comments from people who are down for insight, like the viewers of Ms. Dale’s blog.) Peace be with you all.

  9. C.R. Adcock says:

    @James I’m not sure what you were talking about when you said “chilly reception”… that’s with a “Y”, WE. Towards fellow posters? . . . or towards Brigitte and her infuriating habits which .. oh, that could be it. . . . since we don’t have any bad habits, that must be it!

    She does want and invites criticism and suggestions, however, (and I am happy to say she has ignored all of mine — funny, but my wife does the same thing) The videos will just get better and will live on but will become separated from our comments at some point. Having said that, James, I want to add that the eating comment was cool & nauseating, and shows that there is a lot more in this general topic (what ever it is) It occurs to me that some habits can be fixed (& women foolishly think they can correct all of a man’s bad habits) and some annoying things, like a laugh, seem unfixable. I could be wrong (was this addressed with the mirror neurons, Bezukhof? Aha! ) Topic fodder.

    @Maxes “mmface”. love it! I as trying to think of a word and had come up with “purse”, as in “purse your lips”, but that seems to be defined as pucker. Not in my mind. Your description is perfect, because it is a whole facial expression. ☮

    mmmChili. and barbecue, WE? My favorite bbq is Corky’s in Memphis. Nothing around here.

    So what does this message have to do with the video? Too focused on the trash bag, I guess.


  10. James says:

    *strangles self with cordless mouse’s cord*

    My sincerest apologies. I had taken the “Pozard,” “Click’N’Dragon” and “Loungy” to be insults… alas, these “interwebs” and “tubes” still prevent some parts of communication that face-to-face interaction is able to convey.

    So to all, I apologize, and will go curl up in the closet and eat saltines until I feel sufficiently punished.

  11. Clay says:

    That lizard definitely looked like a Gideon.

    Also, I miss Super Random Fridays. You should consider bringing that back.

  12. C.R. Adcock says:

    @James Don’t be a Pozard! Come out of the closet!
    Hmm. I see what you mean about communicating online being a problem.

    One thing more and more of us are doing is using the @ symbol when directing a comment to a specific person, a la Twitter. I forget sometimes. Notice Brigitte is on Twitter and her last tweet, at the top of this page IS ONLY A WEEK OLD. Doesn’t bother me.


  13. Bezukhof says:

    James- no need to strangle yourself, though eating saltines in the closet could be fun if you don’t have anything better to do. In general I think the ‘take it with a dumptruck of salt’ rule is a good one to apply to internet comments; and emails for that matter.

    Now that I have sort of backwardsly prefaced my own comment with how much credibility it should probably be given(something about transitive properties or something) I will say that while I wouldn’t call Brigitte’s habits infuriating, I might say puzzling. Maybe we’re all just a little too nuts and we scare her away from her own blog, but it seems odd that she doesn’t really talk to us other than to answer point blank questions.

    brigitte: sorry for talking about you in the third person

    (but i guess that’s kinda my point)

  14. Brian says:

    The name should be Cameeleo.

    Excellent Subject BD

    And I can’t tell you are dancing unless you do “THE MOVE” from #342 Testing Flattery

  15. mike says:

    Okay 🙂 I need to go take a pic now of me telling someone to take out the trash, and make that my profile pic on all my sites 😛

  16. Sam says:

    That was a good video!

  17. Kamuke says:

    I think you should name that lizard Larry…as in “Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards”.

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