This is the second entry in my odd little side project, one hundred miles later. To figure out what the heck I’m doing, you can read the original entry.

One hundred miles later: 44900 – Oh, Mandy.
I just drove by a girl who had her white skirt sticking out the driver’s side door. I tried to take a picture but ended up curbchecking at the second I pushed the shutter and the picture turned out as just a blur of dashboard and my own hair.

I hope she’s the kind of person that will laugh it off when she shows up at the wedding or conference or wherever she’s going… and finds a brownish, tattered section on her white skirt. I hope she hasn’t been having a terrible day, with a whole bunch of much worse things like guy trouble and boss trouble and money trouble and getting into an argument with her mom or something… and then this is the thing that pushes her over the edge so when she gets there and see her skirt she starts crying like a blubbering fool and everyone just thinks, “whoa… Mandy (she looked like a Mandy) is totally freaking out over a dirty spot on her skirt. I guess it doesn’t take much.”

Godspeed and good luck to you skirt-in-the-door-girl.

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  1. Paula says:

    That’s so cute. I do find it funny when people get their skirt stuck in the door. I don’t really know how it happens. It doesn’t ever happen to me… You would have to be wearing a pretty long, voluminous skirt for it to be hanging out.

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