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I’m a mom, a writer, a Christian. I’ve been a full-time freelance writer, podcaster and online video producer since 2006. (After high school, I studied astrophysics and then creative writing but didn’t come away from university with a degree – yes I’m one of those). When my daughter Beatrice was born in 2014 I took some time off from the web world to write my first book, Still: A Bedtime Book for Adults, which just sold out its first printing and hopefully will have a second printing soon for those that didn’t get one yet.

I grew up mostly in Nebraska and got my professional creative start as a newspaper advice columnist for the Journal Star. Writing led to podcasting, and podcasting led to Los Angeles and creating several successful web/TV series including MTV’s “Status Updates” which I wrote, directed, and Co-EP’d. I was a Streamy Nominee for best videoblogger and won the title of Yahoo Internet Personality of 2008. I’ve written/produced/hosted content for AOL, ABC Family, Ford Motor Company, Rogue/Relativity Media and NASA.  I also wrote a feature script called FOLLOW BACK that was accepted into Sundance Film Institute’s New Frontier Story Lab.

You can email me at brigdale@gmail.com

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