Cake Decorations for The Frosting Impaired

balloon birthday cake topper
Do you enjoy making homemade cakes yet you couldn’t make a frosting rosebud if your life depended on it?

That’s okay! There are many fantastic ways to decorate a cake without having to squirt out a single frosting flower.  I’ve created a few Pinterest boards with examples of each of my favorite frosting-free ways to top a cake below.


Balloon Cake Toppers

From balloon animals to hot air balloon cupcakes, there’s something about combining real balloons with cake that just says “party!”
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Decorating a Cake with Fresh Flowers

One summer when I was a kid, I remember my mom sending my sister and I to gather fresh “Johnny Jump Up’s” and nasturtiums from the yard and then watching her use them to decorate a birthday cake for my grandma. It was most beautiful cake I had ever seen. Decorating a cake with fresh flowers is so easy, so classy, so quick!

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Pennant Cake Toppers

I love the circus-y, nostalgic feel that these little paper pennants give to a cake. You can make your own and personalize it with a name,  or find an easy printable version (I included one of those below!)

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Decorating a Cake with Figurines and Collectibles

When your 3-year-old announces he wants a Thomas the Train Cake, or your 5-year-old includes a request for a My Little Pony birthday cake in her bedtime prayers, don’t panic! You don’t have to somehow carve and frost a cake into the recognizable shape of a famous train or a pony. Just top a cake with toys or a collectible that your child can keep as a gift! This same idea applies to cakes for adults too : ) Follow Brigitte Dale’s board Topping a cake with Collectibles & Toys on Pinterest.

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