How to Raise a Funny Kid

No one sets out to raise a kid with no sense of humor. No one wants to be the mom of that “permanent stink eye” kid. We can all agree on that.

But did you know that not only is it more pleasant to be around a kid with a sense of humor, it’s also good for your kid? Studies have shown that a healthy sense of humor has been linked to stronger friendships, better problem-solving skills, less instances of depression, and increased intelligence, self-esteem and creativity.

So what can we do to help our kids grow up to be the kind of adults who laugh easily and are fun to be around?

1. Learn to laugh at yourself

Before you think, “I already laugh at myself all the time,” please hear me out for a moment. Most people believe that they are good at laughing at themselves, but few people actually are. Sure, I’m quick to poke fun at my own little “quirky” behaviors, like always putting too much jam on my toast or being bad at directions. But I secretly suspect those behaviors are not so bad, and they might even be endearing to someone who loves me.

However, if you ask me to laugh at myself when I’m truly wrong about something important, embarrassed or not feeling very lovable, well, I really want to be a person that breaks the tension with laughter in those situations, I really do. But it’s so hard. I fail more often than I succeed.

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