Resolution: Cook Healthier Meals

I’m Brigitte Dale and my daughter Beatrice is a 1 ½ year old girl with the appetite of a large football player. And it’s not just Bea; I really like to eat, too. December was a month full of baking, treat sampling and delicious comfort food for us. But now that the holidays are over, my New Year’s resolution for 2105 is to cook healthier meals for our family (which is just Bea and me.)

Now that Beatrice can eat pretty much everything I can, she is eager to try adult flavors and foods. I’m on board with this, I just don’t want her desire to eat like a “grown-up” to turn into a taste for over-salted, over-processed food. I’m aware that the food preferences and eating habits she creates now will affect her for a lifetime.


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