Early Potting Training – Step One – choosing a Potty Seat

Ipad Potty seat
In my first potty training post, I talked about how to decide when to potty train your child.

Next, I’d like to talk about potty chair selection: Who knew this was such a big decision? There are musical potties, talking potties, iPad potties (yes it’s a real thing, pictured above) and cheering potties. If you are waiting until your child is 3 years old or so for potty training, I can see how a more flashy potty could be an asset, especially if your child seems uninterested in cooperating. Most 3-year-olds love things obviously meant “just for kids.”

bjorn potty

But at 12-18 months, we went for a plain white, super plain potty. Why? Because while most 3-year-olds love things made “just for kids,” many younger toddlers in the 12-18 month range want a real grown up item, not at toy, more than anything. They know when something is “for babies” and that makes them instantly hate the thing, whatever that thing might be. This is an age of imitation, and a plain white potty is going to look closer to the toilet they see you use than anything else. (Yeah, you will need to let your baby see you use the toilet. Cringe, I know.)

Another option you have is a special seat that attaches to your regular toilet seat. The appealing thing about these is that won’t have to deal with emptying and cleaning a little plastic potty chair, which I admit, is kind of nasty. But the downside of the toilet seat potty chair is that most kids can’t safely get up onto a full size toilet until they’re 3-4 years old, and even then it often requires more supervision.

I’ll get more into our actual process of potty training in the next potty training post!

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