Resolution to Make Healthier Meals, Month 2


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My 2015 New Year’s Resolution was to cook healthier meals for my daughter and myself while staying on a tight budget. One month in, I think I’m off to a good start! I’ve started a nice collection of recipes on a Pinterest board I created just for this resolution. Beyond individual recipes, I also discovered some general rules and tips that are making things easier for me.

For instance, one wonderful discovery I made was that avocados are on the “Clean 15 List”. You may have heard of the “Dirty Dozen” which is the 12 fruits and veggies most contaminated with pesticides and chemicals and therefore most important to buy organic. I try to buy almost everything organic when I can, but yikes it can be expensive! That’s why I did a little happy dance when I saw avocados on the “Clean 15” list, meaning you can get by without buying them organic.. For me, living in California, I can conventional avocadoes for 4/$1.00 on sale. This whole time I had been buying them organic at $1.50 each. Guacamole, here we come!

In the process of trying to stick to my resolution, a few refrigerator staples have become superstars in my book. First off: eggs. They’re a cheap protein that works in breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Another lifesaver has been frozen pre-coked organic quinoa. I love quinoa and all of its healthiness but I don’t like the pre-soaking and then boiling for 20 minutes. The frozen stuff is minimally processed, organic, and ready to go straight from the freezer. I add it to everything- salads, cookies, even pancakes. My favorite way is to use quinoa is instead of pasta in any pasta recipe. I pat myself on the back (again!) as Beatrice scarfs down quinoa in marinara sauce and calls it “spaghetti.”

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