Unique Gift Ideas For the 2 or 3 Year Old That Has Everything

It’s the night before Thanksgiving and all through the house… everybody’s shopping online. At least that’s what’s going on at my house right now.

If you have a toddler on your shopping list, here are my best picks for unique gifts for Christmas, birthdays, or just because!

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1. Squigz

Squigs are kind of like Legos, if Legos were flexible rubber that had suction cups on their ends and could stick to both each other or any smooth surface.

2. Magnetic Wooden Block Sets

The photo above is the Circuit Racer Magnetic Block Kit, which looks awesome, and there are also several other kits available. I love these because they bring simple wooden blocks to the next level of fun without adding any electronic bells and whistles. Magnets embedded in the blocks allow for connections that defy gravity and are flexible. So cool.

3. The Best Fairy (or Dragon) Wings You Can Buy

Sure, lots of kids already have those tiny strap-to-your-back costume type wings in their closets. But these butterfly wings are flexible, large, and attach at the hands for real flapping and flying action. They’re also available in dragon wings geared towards boys.

4. Trucky 3

Trucky is a both puzzle and a toy, and is fun and challenging (but not frustrating) from 2 years old to pre-teen, depending on which challenge you choose from the puzzle book. Very young toddlers will just love putting the pieces in the trucks and driving them around.

5. Plui Bath Toy

The Moluk Plui bath toy is a simple yet fascinating design. Submerge it to fill it with water, then hold it up and it becomes a rain cloud of showering water, until the child holds a finger over the top hole, then the rainshower stops. Physics! : )

6.Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand is one of those toys that I never heard of before this year and now I see everywhere. It’s magical non-toxic sand that stays clumped together and won’t make (much of) a mess. Addictive for adults as well as all ages of kids 3 and up.

7. My First Games

Haba My Very First Games: My First Orchard is a well-designed first introduction to board games for kids as young as 2. The set has big bright pieces in the kind of nontoxic quality you expect from Haba. Kids can even use the play fruit in other imagination games.

8. Construction Dining Set

This Construction Plate is just adorable and makes eating fun for those finicky types.

9.Take Apart Airplane

This Take Apart Airplane is a pretty amazing toy for a toddler: it has working plastic screws and a power screwdriver that allow little ones to disassemble and reassemble the plane by themselves, safely, over and over again.

10. Whoo’s There? Shadow Book

This is a bedtime shadow book where each page casts a picture on the wall when you shine a flashlight through it. I’ve personally bought this as a gift for several 2-5 year olds and every time the parents have gone on to buy it for other kids gifts because it was such a hit.

11. A Stuffed Animal Made From the Birthday Boy’s (or Girl’s) Own Drawing!

Child’s Own is a company that creates original stuffed creatures based on your child’s drawing. Everything from stick figures created by toddlers to intricate fantasy-creatures colored by older children have all come to life in cuddly real-life forms. Be warned, however, the process takes a while (the wait list is always at least a month, often more) and it’s quite pricey.

You may recognize this suggestion from my earlier post, Unique Birthday Gifts for the 1 Year Old That Has Everything. If you’re still stumped for gift ideas after reading this post, check it out since lots of the ideas on that list would also be great for 2 and 3 year olds as well!

3 Responses

  1. Debbie says:

    SUPER ideas! I can never think of what to get for the little ones, really love “Who’s There?”

  2. Esther says:

    Fantastic suggestions!! My daughter has the butterfly wings and she loves them. They are absolutely beautiful. Definitely the best ones I’ve seen. Great post. I’ll be coming back for inspiration every time I have a toddler party to go to!

  3. Esther says:

    Just ordered Whoo’s There? for my daughter’s friend’s birthday. Excited to see it! Thanks for the tips Brigitte.

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